” Earth-Friendly Life-Style “

” we prefer natural settings “

I was grateful for the fairies assistance and friendship.

I would hear from them on a daily basis, especially when I walked near the wildflowers and brush. ” We prefer natural settings “, they told me, ” and are more apt to be in a wild growth area, rather than an artificially manicured garden. “

I realized that my backyard’s new growth and inhabitants were evidence of the fairies’ presence. I had an insight that must have come from the fairy realm, due to its strength and completeness:

” Those who don’t yet see fairies can instead see proof of their reality. Look for the blooming flowers, taller plants, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and squirrels. You are witnessing the fairies’ signature-artwork in your garden’s increased growth. The fairies only ask that you take good care of the soil, plants, birds, and animals in return.”

” energy of pain “

Even my eating habits reflected my love of birds and animals. The angels had adjusted my diet several years earlier, in response to my prayers to become more clairvoyant and intuitive.

You are eating the energy of pain every time you ingest animal flesh, they’d explained. The animals’ suffering creates chemicals that flow through its flesh .. and when you eat that animal, you are ingesting pain. Pain lowers your frequency and prevents you from hearing messages from the high planes of the spirit world. If you really want to be able to see and hear across the veil, stop eating meat!

After receiving this message, I had stopped eating animal products.

I realized that the fairies were also involved in suggesting these dietary changes, yet their motivations differed from that of the angels.

Whereas the angels were simply answering my prayers for better spiritual connections, the fairies knew that veganism was a more Earthfriendly life-style.

” organic farming “

Over the next few days, they explained that organic farming was essential to reviving the soil’s life force, which had deadened in response to pesticide-based farming. They also urged me to educate myself about animal rights.

” treat us properly “

It was a shock to discover just how cruelly animals are treated when they are raised for leather and food! The birds and animals are kept in tiny cages, with no room to turn around. They exist in an absolute living hell !

I received, a message from the souls of animals who had passed on one evening. Almost like a collective voice, they said to me, ” We don’t mind you humans using us for food or clothing. It’s the way that you treat us while you are raising us, that’s the problem. “

” help them, please! “

The fairies explained it this way:

” You can choose to use no animal products, and there is definite virtue in doing so. Yet, look at how much the animals love you humans. Look at how devoted they are to your external happiness that they would give their own lives for you! They must be suffering greatly to even complain about their maltreatment. Help them, please! Be a voice for them, please !Create awareness of their suffering and pain! We will do al/ we can to help you in this endeavor, now and always! “


Source : ” Healing with the Fairies ” by Doreen Virtue


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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