” What You Eat Is What You Are ! “

Never forget that what you eat and what you think is what you are ! The food taken into your body is what gradually .. slowly but surely ·· forms your thought patterns! And your thoughts, both conscious and sub-conscious, are in absolute control of your body’s health or lack of it!

An apple a day, as the old adage goes, may well keep the doctor away, because fruit is the food most beneficial to your body’s well-being. It’s good to become a Vegetarian, but the ultimate goal is to become a fruitarian .. and eventually a part-time breathtarian, gaining all your body needs from the very air you breathe.

The person striving for perfect and permanent good health finally graduates into becoming a full-time fruitarian and part-time breathtarian, no longer needing to kill life in order to sustain life. The so called food chain .. destroying life to maintain life .. is not as holy and nature-endorsed a pattern as you’ve been taught!

Before beginning the course of becoming a Vegetarian, it’s first necessary to desire to do so for the correct reasons. The first reason is genuine compassion for our animal brothers.

You’ve been taught that your body must have meat-protein ·· to be healthy. You’ve been taught a myth! In plain language, a lie .. on a par with the nineteenth-century leeches!

And by the way, Jesus was not a fisherman! Instead, he magnetized certain of his apostles away from killing sea life by promising to make them “fishers of men “. There’s no record of his eating flesh of any kind himself!

As for the fish, not all of them are carnivorous cannibals, eating other fish. Many are Vegetarians, existing on algae, seaweed, and other kinds of plant growth in the ocean. Whales eat tons of plankton, which also provides more than seventy percent of the oxygen humans breathe, and which is rapidly disappearing from our man-poisoned waters.

There are many examples in the fish and animal world proving that the carnivorous aspect of the ‘food chain’, so holy to biologists, is not a necessity for healthy survival. Jungle animals ? Which eat the flesh of other animals? ·· Regardless of what you learned in school about Darwin’s theory, men taught animals to be carnivorous!

Meat-eating races have always been war-like and aggressive, all through history, whereas non-meat-eating races have been passive and peaceful.

My favourite Cherokee Indian legend, which is really a true story passed down through many generations, is about the Vegetarian Indian called ‘Snow Foot’, who would kill no living creature.

When the deer in the forest near his tent grew older and sensed their death was near, they came to Snow Foot, knelt down before him, gazed at him for a long, still moment with their gentle brown eyes .. then died. It was their way of offering him their dead bodies for use in making clothes to protect him against the cold, and moccasins for his feet .. in gratitude for not participating in hunting them down and allowing them and their families to live out their life span in the wilderness in peace.



Source:  ” Linda Goodman’s Star Signs ” by Linda Goodman


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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