“My Only Wish”

– Brahmarshi Patriji

Dear friends !

My only wish, my only work, my only goal, my only dream is:
“ To see that the whole humanity becomes a sin-free humanity”

Until the last human being becomes a vegetarianI will be on this Earth

My mission is to free this MOTHER EARTH from the great shame and burden that SHE is feeling and reeling from the Himalayan inhuman barbarity towards all the members of animal kingdom, in the name of “FOOD & SPORT”

The way out of this Himalayan barbarity is only through meditation.

Unless a human being becomes sensible through meditation, he is not going to come out of the ways of violence, shame and Earth-scale brutal slaughtering of animals.. for the sake of ” FOOD 

A human being’s proper food is only ” PLANT-BASED “

The day the last human understands this..

that day would announce the establishment of HEAVEN on EARTH

Right now, it is a vast HELL on EARTH

Therefore, we spread the SCIENCE OF MEDITATION ..

so that some sense of righteousness comes into human beings and there will be zero sense-less killing of the beautiful and lovely animals/birds/fish

To me that is “true spirituality”

I do not care whether you have a ‘ thirdeye ‘ or not, I want you to become a vegetarian.. I do not care whether your “ kundalini ” is rising or not, I want vegetarianism .. I do not care for the ‘ chakras ‘.. I do not care for ‘ astral travel ‘ and, I do not much care about your great knowledge about the millions and millions of astral worlds, causal worlds, supra-causal worlds.

What I do care about is COMPASSION and FRIENDSHIP towards all of the Animal kingdom

I want my animals/birds/fish to live most happily on this Earth

I want to see our MOTHER EARTH truly relaxed, peaceful and smiling


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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