” Diet for a New Reality “

The forms in which you incarnated were designed to sustain the levels of density that were to be expected under the environmental conditions then standard in your realm.

The levels of environmental pollutants now present in all the substances you allow to merge with you energetically your air, food, and water have added levels of density to your bodies that are so extreme as to have made the human being an endangered species in your reality.

When this foundation of impurity is compounded by vibrational levels designed to amplify and accelerate the natural purification process, the body is confronted with extreme levels of toxic refuse that it is not designed to process in the normal way. In many cases, your physical forms are already bogging down under the burden of the accelerated detoxification process being triggered by the amplified energies all around you.

Under the new vibrational conditions, one can no longer sustain the levels of impurity that once were possible. The body’s natural inclination to slough-off toxic debris is amplified to un-precedented levels, and as the energies continue to accelerate, will initiate the release of cellular waste at a rate that could result in a systemic breakdown, if one is not conscious of the process.

Focused awareness and conscious participation in the body’s purification process is required to maintain the health of the physical body during the times of transformation now upon you.

Increased quantities of fluid intake are necessary for flushing through the accelerated levels of toxic waste being released into your physical body. It is important that pure spring water, or water that has been distilled, be ingested. Substances containing a high alcoholic content are not in harmony with sustaining a high vibration and are not recommended. The milk of domestic animals can be considered a healthy part of the human diet only when it is uncontaminated by chemical pollutants and additives, and ingested in small quantities. Fruit juices that are processed in a natural way and are derived from unpolluted sources are recommended.

The food value in a diet of raw, unprocessed foods is unexcelled in its abilities to nourish the human body through the period of transformation now upon you.

By ingesting the flesh of creatures, you succeed only in compounding an already toxic situation within your own physical body. The flesh of land animals, for reasons of vibrational complexity, only adds to the difficuIties.

Source: ” One-ness ” by Rasha


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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