From the sandy soil of the “Findhorn Bay Caravan Park” grew vegetables, herbs and flowers, including the now legendary 40-pound cabbages!

Eileen Caddy received guidance in her meditations from an inner source she called , the still small voice within’. Dorothy discovered she was able to intuitively contact the over lighting intelligence of plants – ‘ devas ‘ – who gave her instructions on how to make the most of their fledgling garden.

People here are united by the desire to live, work and learn together to unfold a new human consciousness and make a contribution towards a better world.

Following are some highlights of the life at Findhorn Community:

  • They practice organic farming without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides whatsoever.
  • They practice the concept of” Kinship with all forms of Life” including the Plant Kingdom. They talk to plants and the Nature Spirits.
  • They practice Veganism (‘ Vegans’ are Vegetarians who do not eat any animal products like milk, butter, cheese etc.)
  • They live in total harmony with Nature. According to them, all work is spirituality in action.
  • They conduct meditation sessions and have wonderful meditation halls which are set amidst serene natural surroundings.

The Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland began in 1962 when Peter, Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean came to live in the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park near the village of Findhorn, North Scotland, United Kingdom.


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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