” AHIMSA .. Great Spiritual Force “

In the regeneration and divinization of man, the first step is to eliminate the beastly nature.

The predominant trait in beasts is cruelty. Therefore, wise sages prescribed ahimsa. This is a most effective master-method to counteract and eradicate completely the brutal, cruel pashutva-bhava in man.

” ahimsa .. is universal love “

Practice of ahimsa develops love ·· ahimsa .. is another name for truth or love. Ahimsa is universal love. It is pure love. It is divine’ prem ‘. Where there is love, there is ahimsa.

The one message of all saints, prophets of all times and climes, is the message of love, of ahimsa, of selfless service.

Ahimsa is the noblest and best of traits that are found expressed in the daily life and activities of perfected Souls.

Ahimsa is the one means, not only to attain salvation, but also to enjoy uninterrupted peace and bliss. Man attains peace by injuring no living creature.

” ahimsa .. duty of man “

There is one religion .. the religion of love, of peace. There is one message, the message of ahimsa. Ahimsa is a supreme duty of man.

Ahimsa, or refraining from causing pain to any living creature, is a distinctive quality emphasised by Indian ethics.

Ahimsa, or non-violence, has been the central doctrine of Indian culture from the earliest days of its history.

” ahimsa .. great spiritual force “

Ahimsa, or non-injury, means entire abstinence from causing any pain or harm whatsoever to any living creature. Non-injury needs a harmless mind, mouth and hand.

Ahimsa is true sacrifice .. Ahimsa is forgiveness .. Ahimsa is ‘shakti ‘ .. Ahimsa is true strength.

If you are established in ahimsa, you have attained all virtues.

Ahimsa is the pivot. All virtues revolve round ahimsa. Just as all footprints get accommodated in those of the elephant, so also do all religions and ethical rules become merged in the great vow of ahimsa.

” ahimsa .. is soul force “

Ahimsa is soul-force. Hate melts in the presence of love. Hate dissolves in the presence of ahimsa. There is no power greater than ahimsa. The practice of ahimsa develops will-power to a considerable degree. The practice of ahimsa will make you fearless.

Man is more than just body and mind; human birth is given as an opportunity and a means to attain

the sublime knowledge of his inner spiritual nature and to regain his divinity.

In this process, all gross-ness and animalistic tendencies have to be totally eliminated from the human personality.

” pure satvic diet “

Non-vegetarian diet .. which is gross and animal by its very nature .. is a great hindrance to this process .. whereas, pure Vegetarian Diet is a great help to the refinement of the human nature.

The chemical components of different foods vibrate at varying rate. Each particle of food is a mass of energy.

The in-take of certain foodstuffs sets up discordant vibrations in the physical body which throw the mind into a state of oscillation and disequilibrium.

Moreover, flesh-eating involves the exercize of cruelty which is not an elevating virtue. It is a bestial quality which degrades man.

” butchery .. a great disgrace “

The cruel slaughter of animals and the taking of innocent lives which flesh-eating entails makes it abhorrent to all right thinking men and women all over the world.

Butchery and bloodshed is a great disgrace to civilization and culture. Killing of animals for food is a great blunder; and the mentality it engenders is fraught with potential dangers for the life of humanity, a recognition of which made George Bernard Shaw say that:


All slaughter-houses should be abolished, and the use of animal flesh as food should be absolutely given up. Flesh-eating is unnecessary, unnatural, and unwholesome.

Source: ” Bliss Divine” by Swami Sivananda


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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