” Tirukkural ” on Vegetarianism

” kindness to all creatures “

Men of no compassion, who indulge in unkindness to all creatures will so forget themselves as to lose the means of reaching heaven.

” non-killing “

Non-killing in itself is the highest virtue ; whereas the taking of life will bring in its wake, all evil.

Non-killing by itself is an outstanding virtue, while non-lying as a virtue, comes only next in precedence.

Those, who live by killing animals, will surely go down to a life of poverty, ill-health and disgrace.

” vegetarianism “

It is inconsistent with the way of living compassion, to fatten oneself on the flesh of a fellow-creature.

The butcher with knife in hand, cannot have compassion in his heart, It is just the same with those who relish taste of flesh.

Avoidance of meat-eating is a vital virtue ; on the other hand meat-eating leads to sin that cannot be eradicated.

More meritorious than a thousand burnt offerings is to give up the practice of killing a living creature, and eating its carcass.

Those who refrain from killing animals, and abstain from eating its flesh, will receive worship with folded hands from all creatures of this world.

” impermanence “

Long before the tongue fails and the last hiccup comes up It is wise to go for good deeds, without delay.

The one, who was here yesterday, is no more today and that is a matter for great wonderment, in this world.

” food and health “

After digesting what has been eaten earlier, have food again in right measure. Moderation in eating is the secret of longevity.           

After making sure that the previous meal has been digested, when one is really hungry have only such food as will agree with the system

If one has only the food that agrees with his system and limits the intake, his healthy life will not suffer any harm.

The man who eats beyond the limit of his digestive powers will be subject to all kinds of ailments.

Source: ” Tirukkural ” by Dr. N. Mahalingam


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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