” Killing Animals .. Eating Flesh against the Will of God “

” human body is not easy to get “

Only in this human body, both Soul enlightenment and God manifestation are possible.

The human body is the only one in which one can achieve the eternal transformation into a Body of Light!

The other type of life forms .. coming from diverse dimensions .. do not have this gift, in the same way.

The human life is the only one where one can achieve absolute knowledge.

This is the reason why God has ordered to save this body from starvation and violence ; this is related to our body and all other life forms.

” food must be suitable and in harmony “

The food you are taking must be suitable and in harmony with your entire Being, so that it can give strength to the body and mind. Meaning, you must be a master of yourself and know what is right for you and what is not.

The food carries the memories from the person preparing and giving it .. if we take this food unconsciously, we are absorbing the memories and the vibrations of this person.

It is important to do our best for relieving the suffering at first from hunger, then preventing from murder and killing .. Let’s try our best to abolish this type of suffering, it is a must.

” against the will of god “

Killing animals and flesh eating is against the will of God, because killing stops the development of consciousness, both at the Divine and Soul level.

Violated food gives you the experience of dark forces.

” just an illusion .. maya “

The socalled satisfaction coming from flesh eating isjust an illusion, Maya. Even cats and dogs can become Vegetarian.

Even the plants have life, but when we eat them they are not completely destructed because their seeds and fruits have only the sense of touch. Seeds are vehicles of life and not life keepers.

In Vegetarian Diet there is no life-taking ; this will not obstruct the access to Knowledge.

When the seeds are sprouting they give life ; it is important not to disturb them, we should feed them with water.

Giving proper food will help all faculties to flourish and restores great bliss.

Source: ” Jeeva Kaarunya Ozhukkam .. The Discipline of Living Compassion


” Meditation ” means ” Observation of One’s Normal-Natural Breath “

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