Non-Violence & Vegetarianism in Buddhism
– Dr.Acharya Yogeesh

First Step of Spiritual Path: Vegetarianism
– Dr.Acharya Yogeesh

Why Be Vegetarian, by Stephen Knapp

Be a Vegetarian
by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Art Of Living Masters

Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment
Eden on Earth through Vegetarianism


Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment
Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World,
London Conference – Part 1

Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment
Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World,
London Conference – Part 2

Why be Vegetarian?
Guruka Singh answers a SikhNet user’s question about this topic

Why be Vegetarian?
– Hare Krishna Movement

Biblical vegetarianism
– Andrew Linzey

BEATLES – Lennon Murder (PETA Paul McCartney Vegetarian Interview)
Imagine, Help, Instant Karma

Go vego now and save the world
– Sir Paul McCartney

Vegetarianism explained
– Matthieu Ricard

Jewish Vegetarianism

Why love one but eat the other?

Veg and non-veg diet – a spiritual perspective (Part 1)

Veg and non-veg diet – a spiritual perspective (Part 2)

Long-term benefits of the vegetarian diet

Being Vegetarian: The Benefits

Be a Vegeterian
– Sri Ramdev Baba

Vegeterians and Meditation
– Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Vegetarianism – The only way to good health, longevity and peace

An interview with David Alexander – executive director of the Toronto Vegetarian Association

Persuasive Speech on Vegetarianism

Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins on vegetarianism, animal rights, slavery and living an ethical life.

Vegetarian Diet and Occult Practice

I Don’t Eat My Friends – By JESTUNMA TENZIN

Tibetan Buddhist monk, Venerable (Dr) Geshe Thupten Phelgye, shares his experiences and awakening to the deep understanding of The Buddha’s teachings.

Geshe Soepa on being Vegetarian

Shamayim V’Aretz, Rabbi David Rosen on Vegetarianism & Jewish Law

Jasmuheen on Global Resources and Vegetarianism

Prabhupada Talking About Vegetarianism

Why I Became Vegetarian – Kristina

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate

Benefits of being a Vegetarian Athlete

Benefits of Vegetarianism on the Spiritual Path, by Stephen Knapp

Famous Vegetarians including Guru Nanak Dev + more

Thomas Campbell on Vegetarianism

All Religions Say: Be Vegetarian!

Vegetarianism And The Effects Eating Meat Has On Our Planet

Vegetarians – famous people

The Vegetarian World, with host William Shatner

Vegetarian diet may help you live longer

Why I’m a Vegetarian

WHY I’M A VEGETARIAN – Katie Wingfield

Being Vegetarian: Tips, Facts, and Why You Should Change

Persuasive Speech- Being a Vegetarian

Persuasive Speech: Why become a vegetarian?

Persuasive Speech – Vegetarianism

Persuasive Speech on Vegetarianism

Persuasive Speech – Vegetarian

John Robbins: Why I went vegetarian

Reasons to be Vegetarian

Going Vegetarian – A Quick Guide


Becoming Vegetarian: Simple Tips

Jeff Novick MS RD on being Vegetarian

Rinpoche’s teachings on becoming a Vegetarian

How I became a Vegetarian

Famous Vegetarians & Talk By Billy McNamara on Animal Rights

How I Became A Vegetarian

Why Be Vegetarian?

Why be Vegetarian : Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Becoming vegetarian – Vesanto Melina

Meditation helped me to become a vegetarian – Gayatri

Reasons to be Vegetarian

On Being a Vegetarian

How I Became Vegetarian – Keith Claridge

How I became a vegetarian

Kali Temple turns me Vegetarian

Why I became a vegetarian?

What Came Before: Steve-O on Why He is Vegetarian

Perks of Being a Vegetarian

Shocking Facts – Why be a Vegetarian?

Why Be Vegetarian?

Thoughts on why become a Vegetarian

Why Everyone Should Be a Vegetarian – Ravi

With God’s Love, Christian Vegetarian Association (1/2)

With God’s Love, Christian Vegetarian Association (2/2)

Benefits of Vegetarianism – Claus Leitzmann, Ph.D.

Eating Healthy as a Vegetarian

Promoting Vegetarianism at City Hall

Indonesia Vegetarian Society part 1

Indonesia Vegetarian Society part 2

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Why Vegetarian?

Why Am I Vegetarian?

Reasons To Be Vegetarian in 5 minutes – Rupesh Thakkar – Why be Vegetarian

The Vegetarian, the Buddha and Buddhism

Being Vegetarian

OUR NOBLE LINEAGE: The Unity School of Christianity & Spiritual Vegetarianism

Fighting Climate change with Vegetarianism

Ensuring Food Security through Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism and The Environment

Physicians and Celebrities: The Veg Solution

Vegetarianism – How & Why

Chris Unlimited on Vegetarianism

The Advantages of Vegetarian Eating 

Wisdom from the Vedas. Vegetarianism & Krishnatarianism

The Bishnoi Faith: Vegetarian Ambassadors of the Environment

Vegetarianism Helps Create a Peaceful World

The Foundations of Vegetarian Diet And Other Considerations


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